SUPer leader Kelly Abrams


Thanks so much for visiting my web site. My name is Kelly Abrams and I am the founder, owner and operator of Kelly Paddle Boards, located in the historic area of downtown Milton, Ontario.

We are proud to share that we will be entering our 8th season in 2022 and have people enjoying our iSUPs right across Canada.

We have taken great care to ensure our customers receive the highest quality inflatable SUP technology and accessories made with innovative materials and manufacturing processes.

What makes us different from other suppliers and brands is that our business model enables us to offer you the highest quality inflatable SUP product and accessories at the most competitive pricing in the market.

We can do so because there are no “middle people” between our manufacturing partner and you the customer. We work directly with our designers and manufacturers and have no intermediary brokers in our supply chain (ie. wholesalers, distributors or retailers) enabling you to access a premium product at exceptionally competitive pricing.

More importantly, we are a small, Canadian business and we love to support our customers.

Let’s get you on the water!